Top 3 Reasons Why Exhibition Booth Designing Matters

It is important for every business to travel to trade exhibitions and shows. Nowadays the concept of shopping online is very much in vogue. That makes customers wary about the actual kinds of products and services that you have to offer. Trade shows give you the right opportunity to dispel their worries and also give them an actual look and feel of your products. To attract customers to the stall or booth at the trade show, especially for lesser known brands, the booth or stall itself must be pleasing and visually impactful. Here are the top 3 reasons why you need the perfect exhibition booth designing:

  • Dimensions Matter: Before you begin working on the blueprint for your exhibition, you need to know the dimensions of the space available the trade show. The designing of the stall must not present a confused look at the last moment. If you know the space you are working with, the exhibition booth design will cater to that and you will be able to make full use of the available room. Otherwise the space will look cluttered and cramped, a sure sign for potential customers to be repelled by your booth.
  • Focus on the Message: Exhibition booth designing is important because you need to give out the right marketing message to the customers and also casual enthusiasts who throng the trade shows. Your booth or stall must reflect your marketing mantra. To ensure that the trade show display is giving off the right message, you need to figure out what kind of people you expect at the venue. The target audience is of utmost importance when you crack the exhibition booth design for your stall. If you are unsure of whom you are putting up a stall for, you are most likely to fall flat.
  • Strut Your Stuff: The exhibition booth designing must have one pivotal point: it must showcase your products in the best possible light. You must not compromise on this for the sake of artwork or fancy designing. After all, you are at a trade show not to focus on the finer aspects of exhibition stall designing. You are there because you want to sell products or at least, create a buzz about them. Your trade show display must have this singular idea in mind. Decorate your stall in a way that puts the limelight on your products. The designing must complement your products and not the other way round. A professional exhibition stall designer will be able to help you out.

Types of Stalls in Exhibition Stall Designing

Trade shows and exhibition stalls are the order of the day now. You have numerous exhibition shows happening all the year around. That makes exhibition stall designing a rather challenging task. Other than the purpose of showcasing merchandize in the best possible light, the aim of the trade show display is to ensure that their designs are good to look at and also practical. It depends upon the location and resources that you are given. More often than not, various challenges crop up at the exhibition spot itself. You have to be alert to these challenges.

There are various types of stall and booths that are used in exhibition stall designing. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Pop-up Show: This kind of exhibition stalls is easy to move from one location to another. They are convenient to set up as well. If you are working against a stiff deadline, pop-up booths will come in handy. They are portable and you can shift their location without having to dismantle them completely.
  • Customized Booths: This is the quintessential exhibition stall or booth designed and set up for one trade show. Usually a mammoth structure with all kinds of detailing and is immovable unless you dismantle it completely. Because they are unique and custom-built, you are more likely to make a deeper visual impact with customized booths.
  • Exhibition Truss: A convenient version of the customized booths, this kind of stalls is very easy to set up. You can quickly put this up at a very short notice. You will also find it a very economical choice. For small businesses and entrepreneurs, exhibition truss is an excellent way to make a big impression without digging too deep into their meager resources. They are also quite versatile, enabling you to use the same truss for more than one occasion.
  • Banner Stands: This is another great choice for small business houses to stamp their presence at trade shows. They are so portable that you can literally carry them around in a bag! Banner stands are used by many companies, especially those that had to pay a ton of money simply for the exhibition stall space. Banner stands are often flashy enough to grab eyeballs at any trade show.

The kind of exhibition booth designing that you should have for your company depends on two factors mainly: your budget and your logistical constraints. If you are working on short notice, you can make do with the truss and if you have enough time and money, set up a customized booth.

Exhibition Stall Designing: Aim and Purpose

There is no denying the fact that exhibition stalls and trade show displays have to be works of art. No one wants to enter an exhibition booth that looks shabby or cluttered. At the same time, exhibition experts will do well not to go overboard with the designing aspect. They must not think of the stall or the booth as their canvas to showcase their artistic abilities. The primary aim of the exhibition booth is not to display what a capable designer you have got to do the décor for you.

The purpose of the exhibition stall is to sell merchandise. It can be products or services, depending upon your client. The exhibition stall designing must revolve around this single motive. The exhibition booth designing must be drawn up in a manner that throws the limelight firmly on the products and services on display. Potential customers must quickly understand what the stall or booth is all about. That is how you will get them to visit your stall and check things out. The appeal to explore further must be there in the exhibition booth designing.

A primary aspect of exhibition stall designing is the use of space. There are times when there is a space crunch and you may find it challenging to create enough legroom for people to walk around and check your merchandise. For an exhibition booth designer, the idea is to try and carve out space enough for potential customers to explore the stall or booth without jostling against each other. They must have room enough to breathe freely and move from one table to the other. As a designer, you may do away with a couple of tables if need be, but free space must never be compromised. No potential buyer likes to enter a cramped space and fight for leg space with other buyers!

Exhibition stall designing, more often than not, is about doing the best you can with what you have. The logistical challenges are great and varied. At one show you may not get enough space while on the other you may find it difficult to get logistical support. Despite these handicaps, the exhibition stall designer has to work out a plan to make optimum use of the resources available while keeping in mind the selling objective of the client. It is thriving in these challenges that make for a good exhibition booth designer. There are so many impromptu plans that you have to figure out at the location itself! However, you must never lose your focus for exhibition booth designing: present your client’s merchandise in the best possible way.

How to set a smart exhibition booth design.

There are two key fundamentals for setting up a brilliant exhibition booth design. One is the design which should match the company brand and the other is implementing a design which is feasible. These basics should not be altered and there should not be any compromise on either of these two basic points. Of course you have to choose the right exhibition experts for yourselves but while working with the contractors you have to keep some few things in your mind.

Storage is the first thing to be thought about. Make sure your stall has adequate storage. Check for the ways like using pillars as storage, using the under counter as storage or the on-stand wardrobes. Secondly check if the stall has access points that match the objectives. Say you can use the reception desk to regulate the visitors at your stall. And you can also keep your stand open with few partitions so that as many people can be there in the stall. Then comes the company logo or brand sign. Make sure it is placed somewhere visible to the people. To attract the visitors you can consider using rotating signs in a high position on the stand or you can use a drop depending on the cost factor. You may think why to shell out extra for the way the stand looks because you are there to sell your products not the exhibitions but the main factor here is competition. Even though exhibition is the costliest way of marketing your product, only exhibition gives you the opportunity to communicate with your potential market. And to attract the potential market you need to have a brilliant exhibition booth design. Lighting is a very important aspect to attract the visitors. The downward projecting lights often give a professional look. Overhead canopies give you that opportunity to make your stall stylish by using the down lights. The racks should be placed strategically especially the literature racks. Make sure it is not empty due to the poor placement as these racks are placed to aid sales. You can place the literature rack behind the welcome counter as you don’t have the headache of restocking and this also eliminates the chance of the literature being picked by visitors not belonging to your potential market. If having lower budget then your design can integrate canopies for electrics. Make sure you use music to grab attention. Sometimes you may see attendees using scent to attract visitors toward their stall. Creating a relaxing environment for your visitors will make them stay and discuss business. Lastly the hospitality plays another major role in making your visitors stay longer. Offering welcome drinks is the best way to keep the visitors involved and engaged in your stall and that is how you can make them stay and discuss business more effectively.

So these were some aspects which make your exhibition booth appealing yet smart. Make sure you follow the above strategies carefully and that will help your exhibition become successful.

Exhibition stall designing

Exhibitions and trade fairs have become a vital part of business promotion. Exhibitions give you that platform where the products or other businesses can be promoted. Lately exhibitions have become very popular because the sales figures do rise by good margin. That is why it is very important for the business owners to have the right stall to attract the right people and gain the maximum number of walk-ins. For that right stall you have to contact the exhibition management agencies who help you with the whole planning required for exhibitions and then they execute the plan on your behalf. There are few following things which should be kept in mind for exhibition stall designing.

First thing is branding which has to be dealt uniquely. There has to be something about that brand which should attract people to walk in to your stall rather than to walk in to the other competitive stalls. Hence visual branding is very crucial. So for that you have to keep in mind that the brand guidelines are followed effectively. The corporate identity has to be displayed in a very unique way. Advertising plays a good role for that. All in all the exhibition stall designing rules should be followed well. The general ways of branding include wooden or metal structure for the branding tower, hanging sign or banner whichever you think will make your stall look attractive, rotating and backlit objects, banner backdrop etc.

Then comes the lighting part and lighting is very vital for the stalls. It makes your stalls look interesting and helps in grabbing the attention of the visitors. So it is a very important aspect for you to have the right lighting for your stall. The ambience has to be set perfect for the visitors. There is good range of lighting options available which you can choose starting from a spot light to colour changing LED lighting fixtures. These types of innovative lighting can totally change the way your stall looks and make it more attractive.

Then comes the motion display. Motion display is a must for every stall as it grabs the attention of the visitors very quickly. This works in real life so same is the case with exhibitions. For this what you can do is consider including rotating displays, LCD/LED screen or walls etc.

Fourthly it is the theme of your stall. The colour theme is also important for your stall. The colour has to be chosen very carefully so that it should set the right mood for the visitors. Using warm colours do help here but then again it depends on your products you are displaying as well. Usually the colour related to company logo is used but it is definitely not mandate. There are some strong colours which can be used as well. Red colour can be used for grabbing attention wherein dark blue colour displays professionalism. You will often see the dark blue colour being used. But yes you should avoid too many colours as it doesn’t look professional.

And the last part is slogan which has to be chosen very minutely and carefully. A visitor will be welcomed with too many messages, so you have to stand yourself out. Of course the message has to stay abide by the company guidelines but it is better if you can keep it crisp. If you have many in line products then only promote the products which are highly demanded and looked for.

So above were the basics required for exhibition stall designing which you should keep in mind.