Exhibition booth designing at eleventh hour!!

Any big event needs planning with precision but there are times wherein we end up planning things at the last minute. Exhibitions also need planning in advance but circumstances arise where we hardly have few days left for preparing the event. There are many options available for that last hour need for the exhibition booth designing. There are many easy to set up stands available in the market which can be arranged and dismantled in comparatively lesser time.

First thing is banner stands which are commonly used in exhibitions and they are easily available in the market. The various types of banner stands available in the market are roll up banner stands, X banner stands etc. Roll up banner stands are the most common ones. The banner stand can be purchased or passed on to the agency which gives us the banner stand with graphics attached. Then comes the catalogue stands and these are used to display the brochures and catalogues in exhibition and at the last minute these stands are excellent medium for portability because these are readily available and can be carried around. Just in 5 minutes without any hassles these racks can be set up. Third comes the hanging banner stands which is the last minute solution for our need. Posters can be hung up on the wall without any back attachments. The most affordable and faster way to present the posters is via hanging banners. In exhibitions we can hook it to the back wall or hang it for individual panels for hanging branding for the visibility purpose. Fourthly it is the promotion table which is portable and can be easily set up. Promotion table is a medium to promote the product on the counters with branding on it. The materials for it are easily available in the market and can be set up in short period. Then comes the pop up stands. These are highly effective stands creating a backdrop for an exhibition stall. These units are bit costly but we can customize the stands according to our requirements and stall size. They generally come with easily set up system and carry bag with an aluminium frame.

So these are the items which are the basic needs for exhibition booth designing and can be arranged in a short period of time for the exhibitions. Hence it is not impossible to set an exhibition stall design if we have few days in our hand.

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