Exhibition Stall Designing: Aim and Purpose

There is no denying the fact that exhibition stalls and trade show displays have to be works of art. No one wants to enter an exhibition booth that looks shabby or cluttered. At the same time, exhibition experts will do well not to go overboard with the designing aspect. They must not think of the stall or the booth as their canvas to showcase their artistic abilities. The primary aim of the exhibition booth is not to display what a capable designer you have got to do the décor for you.

The purpose of the exhibition stall is to sell merchandise. It can be products or services, depending upon your client. The exhibition stall designing must revolve around this single motive. The exhibition booth designing must be drawn up in a manner that throws the limelight firmly on the products and services on display. Potential customers must quickly understand what the stall or booth is all about. That is how you will get them to visit your stall and check things out. The appeal to explore further must be there in the exhibition booth designing.

A primary aspect of exhibition stall designing is the use of space. There are times when there is a space crunch and you may find it challenging to create enough legroom for people to walk around and check your merchandise. For an exhibition booth designer, the idea is to try and carve out space enough for potential customers to explore the stall or booth without jostling against each other. They must have room enough to breathe freely and move from one table to the other. As a designer, you may do away with a couple of tables if need be, but free space must never be compromised. No potential buyer likes to enter a cramped space and fight for leg space with other buyers!

Exhibition stall designing, more often than not, is about doing the best you can with what you have. The logistical challenges are great and varied. At one show you may not get enough space while on the other you may find it difficult to get logistical support. Despite these handicaps, the exhibition stall designer has to work out a plan to make optimum use of the resources available while keeping in mind the selling objective of the client. It is thriving in these challenges that make for a good exhibition booth designer. There are so many impromptu plans that you have to figure out at the location itself! However, you must never lose your focus for exhibition booth designing: present your client’s merchandise in the best possible way.

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