Exhibition stall designing

Exhibitions and trade fairs have become a vital part of business promotion. Exhibitions give you that platform where the products or other businesses can be promoted. Lately exhibitions have become very popular because the sales figures do rise by good margin. That is why it is very important for the business owners to have the right stall to attract the right people and gain the maximum number of walk-ins. For that right stall you have to contact the exhibition management agencies who help you with the whole planning required for exhibitions and then they execute the plan on your behalf. There are few following things which should be kept in mind for exhibition stall designing.

First thing is branding which has to be dealt uniquely. There has to be something about that brand which should attract people to walk in to your stall rather than to walk in to the other competitive stalls. Hence visual branding is very crucial. So for that you have to keep in mind that the brand guidelines are followed effectively. The corporate identity has to be displayed in a very unique way. Advertising plays a good role for that. All in all the exhibition stall designing rules should be followed well. The general ways of branding include wooden or metal structure for the branding tower, hanging sign or banner whichever you think will make your stall look attractive, rotating and backlit objects, banner backdrop etc.

Then comes the lighting part and lighting is very vital for the stalls. It makes your stalls look interesting and helps in grabbing the attention of the visitors. So it is a very important aspect for you to have the right lighting for your stall. The ambience has to be set perfect for the visitors. There is good range of lighting options available which you can choose starting from a spot light to colour changing LED lighting fixtures. These types of innovative lighting can totally change the way your stall looks and make it more attractive.

Then comes the motion display. Motion display is a must for every stall as it grabs the attention of the visitors very quickly. This works in real life so same is the case with exhibitions. For this what you can do is consider including rotating displays, LCD/LED screen or walls etc.

Fourthly it is the theme of your stall. The colour theme is also important for your stall. The colour has to be chosen very carefully so that it should set the right mood for the visitors. Using warm colours do help here but then again it depends on your products you are displaying as well. Usually the colour related to company logo is used but it is definitely not mandate. There are some strong colours which can be used as well. Red colour can be used for grabbing attention wherein dark blue colour displays professionalism. You will often see the dark blue colour being used. But yes you should avoid too many colours as it doesn’t look professional.

And the last part is slogan which has to be chosen very minutely and carefully. A visitor will be welcomed with too many messages, so you have to stand yourself out. Of course the message has to stay abide by the company guidelines but it is better if you can keep it crisp. If you have many in line products then only promote the products which are highly demanded and looked for.

So above were the basics required for exhibition stall designing which you should keep in mind.

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