How to set a smart exhibition booth design.

There are two key fundamentals for setting up a brilliant exhibition booth design. One is the design which should match the company brand and the other is implementing a design which is feasible. These basics should not be altered and there should not be any compromise on either of these two basic points. Of course you have to choose the right exhibition experts for yourselves but while working with the contractors you have to keep some few things in your mind.

Storage is the first thing to be thought about. Make sure your stall has adequate storage. Check for the ways like using pillars as storage, using the under counter as storage or the on-stand wardrobes. Secondly check if the stall has access points that match the objectives. Say you can use the reception desk to regulate the visitors at your stall. And you can also keep your stand open with few partitions so that as many people can be there in the stall. Then comes the company logo or brand sign. Make sure it is placed somewhere visible to the people. To attract the visitors you can consider using rotating signs in a high position on the stand or you can use a drop depending on the cost factor. You may think why to shell out extra for the way the stand looks because you are there to sell your products not the exhibitions but the main factor here is competition. Even though exhibition is the costliest way of marketing your product, only exhibition gives you the opportunity to communicate with your potential market. And to attract the potential market you need to have a brilliant exhibition booth design. Lighting is a very important aspect to attract the visitors. The downward projecting lights often give a professional look. Overhead canopies give you that opportunity to make your stall stylish by using the down lights. The racks should be placed strategically especially the literature racks. Make sure it is not empty due to the poor placement as these racks are placed to aid sales. You can place the literature rack behind the welcome counter as you don’t have the headache of restocking and this also eliminates the chance of the literature being picked by visitors not belonging to your potential market. If having lower budget then your design can integrate canopies for electrics. Make sure you use music to grab attention. Sometimes you may see attendees using scent to attract visitors toward their stall. Creating a relaxing environment for your visitors will make them stay and discuss business. Lastly the hospitality plays another major role in making your visitors stay longer. Offering welcome drinks is the best way to keep the visitors involved and engaged in your stall and that is how you can make them stay and discuss business more effectively.

So these were some aspects which make your exhibition booth appealing yet smart. Make sure you follow the above strategies carefully and that will help your exhibition become successful.