Types of Stalls in Exhibition Stall Designing

Trade shows and exhibition stalls are the order of the day now. You have numerous exhibition shows happening all the year around. That makes exhibition stall designing a rather challenging task. Other than the purpose of showcasing merchandize in the best possible light, the aim of the trade show display is to ensure that their designs are good to look at and also practical. It depends upon the location and resources that you are given. More often than not, various challenges crop up at the exhibition spot itself. You have to be alert to these challenges.

There are various types of stall and booths that are used in exhibition stall designing. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • Pop-up Show: This kind of exhibition stalls is easy to move from one location to another. They are convenient to set up as well. If you are working against a stiff deadline, pop-up booths will come in handy. They are portable and you can shift their location without having to dismantle them completely.
  • Customized Booths: This is the quintessential exhibition stall or booth designed and set up for one trade show. Usually a mammoth structure with all kinds of detailing and is immovable unless you dismantle it completely. Because they are unique and custom-built, you are more likely to make a deeper visual impact with customized booths.
  • Exhibition Truss: A convenient version of the customized booths, this kind of stalls is very easy to set up. You can quickly put this up at a very short notice. You will also find it a very economical choice. For small businesses and entrepreneurs, exhibition truss is an excellent way to make a big impression without digging too deep into their meager resources. They are also quite versatile, enabling you to use the same truss for more than one occasion.
  • Banner Stands: This is another great choice for small business houses to stamp their presence at trade shows. They are so portable that you can literally carry them around in a bag! Banner stands are used by many companies, especially those that had to pay a ton of money simply for the exhibition stall space. Banner stands are often flashy enough to grab eyeballs at any trade show.

The kind of exhibition booth designing that you should have for your company depends on two factors mainly: your budget and your logistical constraints. If you are working on short notice, you can make do with the truss and if you have enough time and money, set up a customized booth.

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