Privacy Plolicy

It is advisable for users of Impact Creative Services to read the following privacy policy before they sign up or subscribe to our services. This policy statement will be useful in using the services of Impact Creative Services in a better way.

Information Collection
When you subscribe to Impact Creative Services for a quote or other requirements, you may need to register with your name, email address and particular business information. These details will be enough to identify the user and hence you will not be anonymous anymore. The details that you share with Impact Creative Services will remain with our company and not given out or shared with a third party. However, the information can be used for our marketing and promotion purposes, like our brochures or catalogues. You can specify that your information must not be used if that is what you are looking for. There are occasions when Impact Creative Services ties up with other sponsors for trader shows, business fairs, etc. It is likely that your information, partial or complete, will be shared with the sponsors. You have to state in writing while signing up that you do not want your information to be shared at any level. Impact Creative Services will maintain the clause of confidentiality and mutual trust in such cases. When you visit the website of Impact Creative Services, your data is registered under heads like page views, clicks, etc. These are recorded to provide users with a better experience on the website. If you do not wish to be a part of this, you can disable the Cookies on your Internet browsers before visiting the website.

Use of Information
The information collected by Impact Creative Services, both in the public and private domain, are used to provide a personalized experience to the users. We ensure that all our services are available and accessible to the users through the use of this data. We also use the details to feature them on our advertising listings and product offerings across the board so that users can leverage maximum benefit from their association with us.

Information Sharing
Impact Creative Services will not share your personal information with any third party without the permission of the user, unless it is asked by law to do so. We do not encourage phishing or other unethical forms of internet marketing by making your email addresses and other details public. Impact Creative Services does not reveal account information and business specifics unless there is a need to initiate review or legal action.

Protection of Information
The information collected by Impact Creative Services is protected by the use of best practices. We do not sell bulk information to third party vendors. The information that we provide to advertisers or business partners is given in aggregate form so that no single user can be individually identified. You can log into the Impact Creative Services website to check the present status of your contact sharing permissions. We take all the necessary precautions, within the limits of need and commercial feasibility, to keep your information confidential.