Design, Installation & Dismantling, Output for Panels, Furniture, Audio Visual Equipments & Custom Fabrication:
The objective of Impact Creative Services is to take away the concerns of building up a successful, eye-catching stall or booth from your mind. We want you to concentrate on your business while we take over the process of installing the perfect stall for you. The process starts with the most critical phase of the whole chapter: planning. In this phase, our creative 2D and 3D graphic designers work on various concepts and recommend a couple of them for your consideration. Once the concept is decided, we move on to the next phase, which is to translate these blue prints into actual stalls and booths.

Sketch -> 3D Model -> Executed Stall
The designing of the stall or booth requires careful attention to details. The panel designs, the colour themes and other aspects of the booth must be as per the concept that you have chosen. To make that possible, our operations team comes into play. This team is competent and effective in execution. The mechanical hands who work on the ground to install your booth know exactly what they are supposed to do. They are briefed well in advance by the concept designers. There is no delay - Team Impact is strict about sticking to deadlines and commitments.

The panels and the walls comprise the framework of the booth. They must be robust enough to last the duration of the trade fair or exhibition. We do not compromise on the quality of the structure, nor do we delay the finishing touches. We outsource our work to experts in east India, a reason why our costs are as competitive as they are. The task of Impact Creative Services do not end with the last nail hammered into the stall. We provide audio visual aid for your stalls as well. We have the infrastructure and the tools to set up the audio visual kit for your booth.

The furniture and fixtures in the stall can complement or undo the impact of the concept. You must always be particular about this aspect. Keeping this need in mind, Team Impact can provide these services to our clients. The furniture and fixtures that we provide are in sync with the concept for the stall. The fixtures do not stick out like sore thumbs. The same goes for the electrical arrangements. Our electricians work in tandem with the concept designers to light up your stall to present its best side to customers. Proper lights can take the visual delight of your stall to another level.

Stalls must be maintained well to be successful. Impact Creative Services provides the maintenance staff, along with housekeeping personnel. We have trained hostesses to handle customers coming to your stall. We also arrange for refreshments like tea and coffee to be served to customers and guests. At the end of the show, our operations personnel are instrumental in dismantling the booth and clearing the ground. If you want the same booth at some other location, we can make that possible. Impact Creative Services handles all the aspects of installing, maintaining and dismantling booths with a touch of professional expertise.